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About Us

Parichay Milan is a platform that brings together families in long lasting harmony. We started with a Seva Bhav - wanting to strengthen the family bonds by transparently bringing together suitable young men and young girls together in the loving bond of matrimony. What started as a service to our Gujarati community has today flowered into something beautiful panning across continents. We go an extra mile to facilitate family discussions, matchmaking and finding suitable matches for thousands of young hearts.


Bringing harmony in families for a Lifetime - by bringing the right matches together. To fulfill the needs of today's modernised and qualified singles who are searching for suitable and efficient ways to meet with their destined partners.


We want this community to be built on mutual respect, attention to detail and going the extra mile by supporting families, youngsters and ensuring that strict confidentiality of personal details at all levels.


Create an ecosystem of mutual respect, communal harmony and long lasting relationships. We plan to expand by good word of mouth and wonderful service experience. Afterall, we want to grow by doing Seva to our communities.