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Jai Shri Krishna to all my dear friends.

I am Heena Bharat Gaglani. My daughter Mikita Bharat Gaglani got engaged on 5th June, 2019 to Rohen Ketan Maniar, son of Ketan Maniar and Leena Maniar.

This perfect match was possible because of the guidance and support of the “Vaishnav Parichay Milan” marriage bureau handled by, Mrs. Jigna Gandhi.

We have been active members of the WhatsApp group of Vaishnav Parichay Milan from the start. This great service provided by this marriage bureau without charging a penny, not only helps the candidates who reside in Mumbai but also those all across different states and countries in the world.

Finding a perfect match has become a big challenge for everybody irrespective of their castes since nobody has the time to help one another in their own fast-paced life. Hats off to Mrs. Jigna Gandhi to take up this big challenge on her own and provide this selfless service along with her amazing team and resulting in beautiful successful matches made. Thanks to Mrs. Jigna Gandhi and Vaishnav Parichay Milan, a lot of young souls have found their soul mate, including my daughter.

After attaining immense success through the WhatsApp group, Mrs. Jigna Gandhi along with her team is all set to launch their official website of the “Vaishnav Parichay Milan” marriage bureau where two individuals can instantly connect. Through this website, one can find and connect to the candidate of their choice and preference very easily and conveniently. The website would have appropriate filters concerning age, caste and education and hence will lead to smooth to match and fulfill one's requirement.

I wish all the luck and success to Mrs. Jigna Gandhi and her entire team for this beautiful new venture and I am sure they will continue matching more and more souls in the coming future.


Heena Bharat Gaglani and Family.

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Smruti Sheth & Rushit Shah

We are pleased to announce that with the blessing of Shrinathji Bava and with the support of Parichay Milan my daughter Smruti Sheth (Ila Sheth) got engaged with Rushit Shah, son of Atul Shah.

Sagar & Nidhi

The parichay milan group is the only group i have came across which is continously and tirelessly working for welbeing and making soulmates through out gujarat. Keep it up the good work.

Rohen & Mikita

Finding a perfect match has become a big challenge for everybody. This perfect match was possible because of the guidance of “Vaishnav Parichay Milan” marriage bureau handled by Mrs. Jigna Gandhi.

Our Mission

Bringing harmony in families for a Lifetime - by bringing the right matches together. To fulfill the needs of today's modernised and qualified singles who are searching for suitable and efficient ways to meet with their destined partners.

Our Plan

We want this community to be built on mutual respect, attention to detail and going the extra mile by supporting families, youngsters and ensuring that strict confidentiality of personal details at all levels.

Our Vision

Create an ecosystem of mutual respect, communal harmony and long lasting relationships. We plan to expand by good word of mouth and wonderful service experience. Afterall, we want to grow by doing Seva to our communities.