Success Stories

The secret of a happy marriage is finding the right person.

Our Mission

Bringing harmony in families for a Lifetime - by bringing the right matches together. To fulfill the needs of today's modernised and qualified singles who are searching for suitable and efficient ways to meet with their destined partners.

Our Plan

We want this community to be built on mutual respect, attention to detail and going the extra mile by supporting families, youngsters and ensuring that strict confidentiality of personal details at all levels.

Our Vision

Create an ecosystem of mutual respect, communal harmony and long lasting relationships. We plan to expand by good word of mouth and wonderful service experience. Afterall, we want to grow by doing Seva to our communities.


A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.

From the first conversation we knew we were meant to be forever. We fell in love in our first telephonic conversation our likes and dislikes were same everything just fell in place. Thank you Jigna Gandhi.

Krunal & Navya

We got in touch through Parichay Milan. We were connected by our families and we were just meant to be each others soulmate and got married in a ritual ceremony of ours. Thanks a lot to Parichay Milan Group.

Gaurav & Aditi

Hey I am Dhwanil Nanavati, First of all i want to thanks to Parichay Milan Group ! They found the exact match for me and because of them I got engaged easily. So now here I'm sharing my small beautiful journey of us !!

Dhwanil & Krishna